Wood Preservative (3800ml)

৳ 900.00

Preserves woods of all type, controls subterranean termite.

Benefit:   Protects wooden furniture and bamboo structure from wood worms & soil treatment against subterranean termite.

Net Weight: 3800ml

Price: 900 TK

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Direction of Use: The preservative must be penetrated at least 4 inch. Dry the wood for at least two days. Then, scrape with sand paper and apply color/lacquer. FWP must be used in an open space.

Caution: Always use a brush to apply wood preservative as it is harmful for the skin. If it falls on the floor, wipe immediately with paper and apply kerosene to get rid of smell. Wash hands with soap after use. Keep out of reach of children.

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250ml, 480ml, 950ml, 1900ml, 3800ml

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