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Our products are divided into two categories.
Insecticide (Red Line)
FINIS is the first company to manufacture and distribute disease preventative insecticides in Bangladesh, protecting our consumers against diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and others. Learn More
Disinfectant (Blue Line)
Standard Finis Oil Co. is dedicated to consistently providing effective protection through its range of disinfecting solutions. Learn More

At SFOC, all packing and raw materials are sourced from certified suppliers to ensure the highest quality. Our products are built to protect against various diseases, viruses and germs. However, all our products are for external use only and should not be ingested or inhaled.

Our products are available in all 64 districts of Bangladesh and parts of Nepal and Africa. You can find our products at any of your nearest department and super stores. SFOC products are also widely available on multiple eCommerce platforms.


Standard Finis Oil Co., the oldest insecticide and disinfectant manufacturing company of Bangladesh, opened it’s doors in 1950, pioneering the sanitation industry with Finis Phenyle.
Over the past 70 years, SFOC has grown to maintaining 54 SKUs in house, with continuous innovation based on the consumers’ needs. SFOC boasts a strong distribution network, all over Bangladesh, ensuring that all have access to protection against various bacteria, viruses and diseases. We have built tremendous goodwill in the industry, which remains unmatched.

Thank you for choosing us. Working for Standard Finis Oil Company offers you the unique opportunity to gain experience and develop your skills in a rapidly growing organization. Please check our Working at Finis page to learn more.

Our head office is located at 189/B, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh and our manufacturing plant is located in Gazipur, Dhaka. Apart from that we have a deep-rooted distribution network in all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

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