For the past seven decades, Standard Finis Oil Company has been manufacturing disease preventative insecticides and disinfectants. With over 50 SKUs, and two product lines, we have dedicated ourselves to servicing an extensive range of health and hygiene needs for a diverse consumer base. We pride ourselves in doing so without having compromised, ever in our history, on the safety of our employees and consumers. Apart from distributing even in the remotest areas of Bangladesh, we have now been successfully exporting to Nepal and parts of Africa, with other countries in the pipeline.

Perks of Distributing with SFOC
• High quality of raw and packaging materials
• Fair and safe working conditions
• Compliant factory standards
• Competitive prices

With over 70+ years of experience we have evolved ourselves along with our product line to keep up with consumer needs. Today, Standard Finis Oil Company has come to represent the marriage of industrial excellence with consumer satisfaction. 

Factory & Machineries

Safety & Security

The safety of our employees is of utmost priority. To ensure this, SFOC factories engage safety and support systems of the highest standard through relevant technology and training. This is consistent through all levels of production, whether that be obtaining machinery from trusted and renowned international companies or ensuring the security of our corporate offices and employees.

Fire Extinguisher System

Drinking Water System/Fresh Water System

Arranging separate room during sudden illness

Regular Fire Drill Program

Regular Check up by a Doctor/Medical Care for Workers

First Aid Arrangement

Immediate Hospitalization of sick personnel

Sanitary work environments

ETP System

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